Steve Wood – FL5 Mandolin

From: Steve Wood
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 13:13 -0500
To: Roger Bacorn

I am so pleased with my new FL-5 mandolin. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, it has a quality of workmanship and tone that far exceeds anything in its price range. I looked at many excellent mandolins and was surprised at the number of custom builders I found. The majority had pretty much the same to offer, a get what you get F-5 copy. The FL-5 has to be the coolest mandolin I’ve seen since the mega-buck Monteleone Radio Flyer. How refreshing it was to see someone offer something besides an F-5 copy in a price range which wasn’t ridiculous. In addition, I was immediately impressed with the fact you gave me a clean slate to work with. Every detail of the mandolin was my choice. Your patient and understanding throughout the building process is highly commendable. I am continually amazed how this instrument exceeds my expectations. You truly have a gift. From the first time I chopped this thing, I knew I had something special. I genuinely feel privileged to own my Bacorn FL-5. The handful of people that I’ve showed it to so far all have the same reaction, “Who did you say built that mandolin?” I am proud to say, “Roger Bacorn”. Thanks again.
Your Friend,
Steve Wood

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