Jim Lawrence – Refinished 1966 Fender Mustang

April 28, 2003
Roger refinished my 1966 Fender Mustang bass guitar, and did an absolutely fabulous job. I feel like I just walked into a music store and 1966 and just bought this baby off the shelf brand new. It looks fantastic, and I could not be happier. Roger also finished the job quicker than I ever expected, and told me exactly what he did throughout the process, so I felt well-informed, and learned a lot. It was very comforting to work with someone who knows exactly what he is doing, and knows how to get the desired results. Roger’s work defines what the word “professional” means, and with heart!

Jim Lawrence


Learn more about Jim’s Mustang bass and others at http://www.jimlawrence.net/MUSTANGBASS/Mustang1966.html

Repaired Mustang Bass Guitar