Bill West on his BW-906

Friday, January 5, 2007

I have to admit to no small amount of plagiarism of other reviews. Most of your other reviews were much better written, more eloquent, and said exactly, and in the same words I like to use, the very points I wanted to make. I assumed my review is to be posted next to theirs and didn’t want to parrot them. Also, your guitar review said similar things that were Germaine and to the point (short and sweet) and I didn’t want to say that as well. So, I did my best to laud your work and my happiness with the guitar, with brevity. And, the review is mostly for others who visit your web site and I wanted to say what I could to encourage their business for you. Anyway, I’ve written guitar reviews for the Ibanez GB10 and Eastman AR805CE and this one was more heartfelt and sincere. But you know that.
Your work to get the new guitar on the internet was extremely well done. Feel free to give inquiring minds my email address. I’d be happy to discuss and endorse via email. We’re both WHS Wolverine alumni. Makes us partners in ‘crime.’

Bill –

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