Ron Ault – M1 Mandolin

Subject: M1!! Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 10:37:25 -0500
From: Ron Ault
To: Roger Bacorn

Got the mandolin!!! I LOVE IT!!! It’s EXACTLY what I wanted and expected. I love the finish and the painting/staining, it’s perfect. Overall it’s perfect. The sound is great too. It has plenty of volume, and a very sweet tone. The neck width is perfect (nut with). The V shape is perfect. The depth of the neck is exactly what I asked for. It’s a beautiful instrument. I’m absolutely delighted with it. After playing and owning a bunch of F-5 and A style mandolins, this instruments embodies all of the desirable qualities of both, but has a unique quality that I’m thrilled with. From an engineering point of view, it makes sense! It has the MAGIC combination of volume and projection and tone! The appointments are perfect for me. I love the minimalist quality of the instrument. The wood is the hero! Your craftsmanship is superb! I couldn’t be happier. If someone were to offer me an F mandolin of my choice in trade for this mandolin I wouldn’t do it. There is really something very fulfilling about having an instrument custom made especially for you!

Ron Aults M1 Mandolin

Ron Ault’s M1 Mandolin