1st Edition

  • amp-wood
  • bacorn_amps_24
  • amp-leather
  • bacorn_amps_31
  • bacorn_amps_13
  • bacorn_amps_40
  • bacorn_amps_18
  • Single ended 6L6GC/12 watt with Weber/Jensen C10N style10″ speaker.
  • Players will appreciate it’s small size, outstanding onstage presence and soulful tone.
  • Switchable feedback circuit and voiced for single coil as well as humbuckers.
  • Cabinet voiced line out for recording or gigs.
  • Various cabinet options to suit individual requirements and tastes.

Will McFarlane tried one of these amps for his workshops and evening performance at the Mayville, NY Guitar Show in 2008.

Here is what Will had to say…

At the last minute before the show, Roger graciously let me use one of his little amps. Don’t let the size fool you, it was more than enough for the room. We had bass, drums and three Teles, and I was asked to turn down a little by the sound man. And it wasn’t just the volume, it was a creamy thing, with tone very reminiscent of my ’58 Champ with more headroom. It only had a volume knob and that was the tone I got–I didn’t have to look around and tweak it, it was just there. Very cool and worth a listen.