Flattop Guitar Headstock Repair

My son broke his flattop guitar that made it through college for the fourth and final time. Completely broken off. Past the point of no return. So he sent it to me for a new headstock and neck.

Getting closer to finishing the neck. Just put a fresh coat on the headstock, which gets nicer each application:

Fresh coat on a replacement headstock and neck

Fresh coat on a replacement headstock and neck

Here’s a look at the repair in progress

  • back-new-neck
  • replacement-guitar-neck
  • fretboard headstock
  • new headstock inlay
  • blank headstock
  • replaced neck flattop guitar
  • uncarved replacement neck
  • fresh cut headstock woodgrain

The neck was rough cut and the headstock cleaned up for the inlay. The fretboard is from another guitar.

The headstock has a cherry wood layer on top of the new neck. The truss rod is also visible and will be covered with the original cover from the broken headstock.

The inlay is a mother of pearl laser cut by Thorn Custom Inlays in San Fernando, CA.

More updates to follow as the repair continues.