Martin Stewart, Scotland – 335

Lyon Rampart

Dear Roger,
I re-strung and tried out the ES335 for the first time at a band rehersal at the weekend. I have to say firstly that the reaction alone from the other band members was extraordinary and that was before I had even plugged it in !!!!!!!!! The clean sounds have a bell like chime and quality to them that is simply stunning and it filled the rehersal room in an almost surround sound like way. I should say that I use a stereo amplifier system. The sustain is never ending and the tone is sweet. I have found that the clean sounds cut through brilliantly either for lead or rhythm. Moving on to the lead sounds. What can I say, it sings like a bird, it’s absolutely unbelievable. I have been playing for 26 years and I have tried most guitars but I have never experienced this kind of tone and feel. It’s like I can feel it sustain through the neck of the guitar while I play. It has a very resonant quality which is very noticable even when not plugged in. I guess it just feels like you can hold a note forever. In short this guitar does everything, I can do Steely Dan type material, hard rock or Jazz. The dual sound from the push-pull option gives me a great Strat sound as well as a fluid liquid lead sound with unending sustain when used as a standard hunbucker. The playability and feel of the neck is great also. To summarise, I would recommend to anyone who is serious about their music having an instrument made by you. Your approach and expertise are world class. I got exactly what I wanted and them some !! This is just the start for this instrument it will mature like a fine whiskey or wine and will only get sweeter as it gets older. This is a family heirloom that I will pass down.

Thanks Roger.
Martin Stewart

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